Tube Fittings are being often known as Ferrule Fittings or in engineering language some times it is also known as Instrumentation Fittings.

We are the Manufacturers & Stockiest of high quality compression tube fittings. This shares a great image in international market. Having established ourselves and set up in the heart of India’s commercial centre Mumbai.

We are specialize importer , Stockists and exporter of Stainless Steel Tube fittings, Monel Tube Fittings, Inconel Tube fittings, Hastelloy Tube fittings , & Brass tube fittings. We have expertise to manufacture Tube Fittings in Single as well as double Ferrule system”

We also accept order in small quantities with best of delivery to fulfil customer s demand 

The team of our professionals is well versed to effectively handle the sophisticated machines and latest technology of the international market trend. Owing to the quality of products, we are supplying our Tube Fittings across different parts of the world like ITALY, SINGAPORE, QATAR, PORTUGAL, and UAE etc.

Size/ Range of tube Fittings being manufactured by Us :-
We are importer , Stockists and exporter Tube Fittings from 1/8" to 2" subject to type of Fittings.

S-S Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Union :

Union Tee - UT

Reducing Union - RU

Bulkhead Union - BU

Union - U

Union Elbow - UE

Union Cross - UC
S-S Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Male Fitting :

Male Connector NPT - MCN (Imperial Series)

Male Elbow NPT - MMEN (Metric Series)


Male Connector NPT - MMCN (Metric Series)

Male Elbow NPT BSP - MEB & MMEB


Male Connector BSP - MCB & MMCB

Male Elbow NPT 45 NPT - METN & MMETN 


Male Connector BSPP - MCBP & MMCBP

Male Run Tee NPT - MRTN & MMRTN


Male Bulkhead Connector - NPTNPT - MBCN & MMBCN

Male Branch Tee NPT - MBTN & MMBTN


Male Elbow NPT - MEN (Imperial Series)


S-S Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Female pipe :

Female Connector NPT - FCN (Imperial Series)

Female Elbow NPT - FEN


Female Connector NPT 
- FCN (Metric Series)

Female Run Tee NPT - FRTN

Female Connector BSP/BSPP - FCB/MFCBBP

Female Branch Tee NPT - FBTN

Female Bulkhead Connector NPT - FBCN & MFBCN


S-S Twin Ferrule Fittings X Components :

Blanking End - BE

Front Ferrule - FF


Blanking Plug - BP

Back Ferrule - FF

Tube Nut - NU



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